How to use it

Start by installing the add-on in Firefox or Internet explorer from the menu on the left.
After the add-on is installed, go to a web page where you want to write Arabic and right click the text field.
Select "Write Arabic Here" from the right-click menu.
In the window the opens, write the text using English letters and click OK.
In Firefox the text will be converted to Arabic in the original window as you type.
In internet Explorer the text will be converted to Arabic after you click OK.
You can watch the videos to see it in action.

Short guide

You should write arabic phonetically as you normally do on english keyboards with the following exceptions


Aا bب tت thث gج H or 7ح khخ dد THذ rر zز sس shش Sص Dض Tط Zظ @ or 3عَ ghغ fف qق kك lل mم nن hه O or wو I or yي ' or 2ء 'aأَ 'iإِ 'oأُ t- or …ahة A-َى …anـاً …inـٍ …ounـٌ

Long guide

Use capital vowels A O I for alef, wAw , yA' Aا Oو Iي
Use lower case vowels a o i for 7araket aـَ oـُ iـِ
kilAbكِلاب qadImقَديم wAwIواوي fOOlفول foollفُلّ
Use capital letters for alternative letters that sound almost the same with no equivalent in latin alphabets:
Compare dد Dض , zز Zظ , tت Tط , thث THذ
zahrزَهر Zaharظَهَرَ darbدَرب Darabaضَرَبَ thimArثِمار THahabذَهَب
Use dash - at the end of a word to force teh marbouta t-ة and alef maqsura A-َى .
zahrat- al i7sAnزَهرَة الإِحسان moustashfA-مُستَشفَى
The letters 3 7 2 5 should work as expected producing letters in word context and digits in number context
7oubbحُبّ  ra2Isرَئِيس al3ainالعَين al5aiTالخَيط
alsanah 2007السَنَة ٢٠٠٧
Tanween works as expected too: _anـاً _ounـٌ _inـٍ
baytanبَيتاً baytounبَيتٌ baytinبَيتٍ
To remove tanween when not needed you can use a capital N or a dash at the end of the word
fAtiNفاتِن or fAtin-فاتِن instead of fAtinفاتٍ
Doubling letters produces a shaddeh :
shaddehشَدَّة mallaمَلَّ
Hamzeh (2 or ') followed by long A produces a maddeh
2Ayahآيَة al'Anالآن
You can use the _ to vary the width of words :-)
To write latin lettes inside arabic text you can use \ text that will not be converted \
sharikat- \mozilla\ شَرِكَة mozilla
Some commonly used short words work correctly without the need of a dash at the end:
minمِن ilaإلى @anعَن @alaعَلى
There are often multiple ways to write the same word!
7arakahحَرَكَة Harakahحَرَكَة Harakat-حَرَكَة
al3aYnالعَين al3ainالعَين al@ainالعَين
el3ainالعَين al 3ainالعَين Al @aynالعَين
If you have any question you can email them to 3arabi at abisalloum dot com